Vulnerability Assessment
for your business’s cybersecurity.

Tests the robustness of your login security
on web apps and websites.



Scan & Test

  • Done remotely
  • Performed by accredited cybersecurity professionals without need to provide any authentication credentials




  • Scan results and detailed information on:
    • Website vulnerabilities
    • Vulnerability score & risk rating
    • Recommendations
  • Screenshot of webpage after a breach




  • One-hour session to help you and your stakeholders understand assessment results and implications

Cybersecurity Solutions

Did you know? That 43% of cyberattacks targeted SMEs. Hence, businesses need to assess for web vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

Prevent Data Loss Or Theft

The average cost incurred by SMEs due to a cyberattack is $184,000.

Prevent Compliance Or
Regulatory Incidents

With the introduction of GDPR, more businesses have taken positive steps to improve their cybersecurity.
In 2019, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) updated the guidelines on data breach notification and accountability.

Win And Maintain Customer Trust

Businesses report financial loss that comes from the loss of customer trust due to breaches. These include customer compensation, long-term loss of customers and more.

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